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Services I Provide

Translating from German to English

Your German technical or business text will be translated into polished English appropriate for the intended audience and reliably delivered when you need it. I have never missed a deadline in over a decade.

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Writing in Global English

You provide the information - I provide the English text, written specifically for readers whose first language is not English.

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Editing for Global English

Your documents were written for a US audience, but many of your users are located elsewhere in the world. I will edit your text to be easily understood by readers whose first language is not English. Can be combined with Editing for Internationalization.

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Editing for Internationalization

Will your US English text be localized into 20 markets? I will edit it to replace US-centric elements, such as baseball analogies, and ensure that dates, times, etc. are internationally understood. Can be combined with Editing for Global English.

Why you need it:

  • Fewer errors during translation
  • Easier localization
  • Less editing of translated content

Localizing for the US Market

Your documentation was written in Australia, but you are trying to sell to the US market? I will edit your text to appeal to a US audience.

Why you need it:

  • Appeals to audience due to familiar language
  • Higher sales because not seen as "foreign"
  • Customers understand measurements, dates

Editing/Proofreading Translations

Are you sure your English translations are accurate and error-free? I will proofread text that has been translated from German to ensure that it accurately reflects the original and also check for spelling and grammar mistakes in the English version.

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