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Editing/Proofreading Translations

Are you sure your English translations are accurate and error-free? I will proofread text that has been translated from German to ensure that it accurately reflects the original and also check for spelling and grammar mistakes in the English version.

Why you need it

  • No change in meaning in the translation
  • Error-free text shows you care

Why I can help

  • Truly bilingual
  • Prior proofreading experience
  • Eye for visual detail

Truly bilingual

Since I speak both languages equally well, I can ensure that the translation accurately reflects the German original. Unlike a monolingual English proofreader, I can also consult the original German to clarify the meaning of an unclear translation. As an experienced translator I can identify and correct "Germanisms" that may have crept into an otherwise excellent translation.

Prior proofreading experience

I started my career in writing and translation by proofreading for a (now defunct) US weekly, the Guardian. Back then there was no automatic spell check - let alone grammar check. Catching typographical and grammatical errors was a human's job - mine. Even after the Guardian hired me to run its art department, I helped out with proofreading when deadlines loomed and not enough staff was available.

Eye for visual detail

Working as an art director for the Guardian taught me to look for details that may have been overlooked, both in the text and in the overall presentation. I not only check your text for grammar and correct rendering of the German original, but I also ensure that it is formatted properly, including checking image and caption alignment and other layout issues.

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