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Translating from German to English

Your German technical or business text will be translated into polished English appropriate for the intended audience and reliably delivered when you need it. I have never missed a deadline in over a decade.

Why you need it

  • Content is appropriate for your audience
  • You can rely on timely delivery
  • Quality translation reduces editing costs

Why I can help

  • Reliable
  • Truly bilingual
  • Experienced
  • Budget-conscious
  • Legal


Delivering on time, every time means you don't have to worry about missing your own deadlines - and you don't have to spend time tracking down the translation. Since starting in this business in 2000, I have never missed a deadline. And solid backup procedures mean you'll receive your work, even if something happens to my office or equipment. I have never missed a deadline in more than a decade in business!

Truly bilingual

Living for almost 30 years in the United States, English has become my second native language. At the same time, frequent trips back to visit my family in Austria have kept my German up to date. With my higher education split between Austria (high school) and the U.S. (college), I have obtained a truly bilingual general education, increasing my fluency in both idioms.


During my 10+ years as a translator, I have probably encountered a document similar to yours before. And after writing software documentation, fixing computers and coding websites myself, I know the work that went into producing your source document. This means I won't accidentally overwrite the programming code or break the documentation by translating the internal tabs needed to link its sections.


You know how many words there are in the text you need translated. With a per-word price based on the source language (i.e., your text), you know exactly how much the translation will cost - before work even starts.


Since I can legally work both in Europe and the United States, you don't have to worry about visa or other requirements for hiring a foreign contractor.

See Services for other problems I can help you solve.